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Standard LM-79 and LM-80 comparison

IES LM-79-08 Approved Method: Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products. IES LM-79 standard is mainly for photoelectric performance measurement. Generally it is for whole lamp. Main measurement parameters as follow: Electrical Measurement: Voltage, Current, Power and Power Factor. Colorimetric Measurement: CCT, CRI and Chromaticity Coordinates Photometric Measurement: Luminous Flux and Luminous Efficiency Integrating Sphere System can measure upper parameters, but integrating sphere system cannot measure luminous intensity distribution. Luminous intensity distribution is measured by Goniophotometer. IES LM-79 emphatically compares the total luminous [...]

The Differences between LED and OLED

LED adopts metal material, however, OLED uses organic material. Their emitting principles are the same, the difference is that OLED does not need backlight, because it is composed of light-emitting diode array and it can emitting itself. It is brighter and thinner than LED LCD display, and it will become an alternate of LED LCD display in the future. LED LCD display needs backlight. Its brightness is common, and displays unclearly under sunlight, but it is the most widely [...]